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More than 30 years at your service

GPS 909

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Security and Protection Group in Ibiza

If you would like to discover more about us, you are in the right place. GPS 909 is an Ibizan security company, which is officially approved to install systems throughout Spain. Our company can implement any type of security system and service with guaranteed client satisfaction. We tailor to the specific needs of each case and offer a completely personalised service.

We have worked by the same maxim since we were founded in 1986: we strive to give families, businesses and administrations access to alarm systems, video surveillance systems and access controls and ensure they are protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without fail!

With more than 30 years of experience on Ibiza, our security company is trusted by thousands of families and establishments of all sizes. If the security of your loved ones and most prized possessions is one of your priorities, you share the same philosophy as the GPS 909 team. So, please contact us and experience the feeling of being fully protected and safe on Ibiza.

“At GPS 909, S.A. we don't have competitors, just imitators. Visit us, compare and then decide.”

Grupo de Protección y Seguridad 909, S.A
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M-F: 08:00h a 18:00h
Info Phone: 971318909
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