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ARC service in Ibiza

Alarm receiving

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Alarm Receiving Central Station in Ibiza

In GPS909 we have an Alarm Receiving Center or ARC operating 24 hours with staff that will be responsible for providing a close treatment in different languages such as German and English.
We have constant connection with the installed systems to ensure a correct functioning of these. If an alarm system shows any kind of incidence, CRA will contact you to solve it quickly.
Our staff is in constant training. This allows them to perform a preliminary customer service to solve different situations and configurations of the installed equipment.
In case of not being able to solve it by means of the telephone indications, our personnel warns to the technical department so that with the greater possible brevity it solves the above mentioned incidence.
In short, our alarm monitoring center offers a fast, efficient and close service to the user.

Advantages of being connected to an ARC

The ARC (Alarm Receiving Center) is a key element of alarm systems. This element is in charge of guaranteeing the effectiveness and security of an alarm system. The ARC is the control headquarters of the alarm systems and is responsible for receiving and analyzing the alarm events it receives.
To offer a good service we have security specialists available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Main communication routes between the ARC and the control panel:
- Telephone network: connected to the telephone network allows communication with the ARC as if it were a telephone.
- GSM: through the Internet antennas.
- Ethernet: through the home router. It has the same characteristics as the GSM connection.

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