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Key safekeeping in Ibiza

of keys

The only security company with a permanent system for storing and tracing our clients' keys.

Key safekeeping in Ibiza

The custody of keys is an additional service that we offer to our clients of the alarm receiving centre in order to be able to access their installations in the event of a breach of the security system and to be able to verify the integrity of the same. This is a very useful service for those homes or businesses whose characteristics make it difficult to carry out a complete verification with guarantees in the absence of authorised personnel. In the event that the customer loses their keys, they know that they will always have a copy stored securely in GPS 909.

To offer this service to our customers we have facilities designed with the physical and computer security measures that allow us to ensure the availability and traceability of the keys. The storage system consists of a room accessible only by biometric identification in which a record is kept of the time, user and position of keys that have been deposited or withdrawn.

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